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Case study: advising on a difficult situation

Summary and aim

To resolve issues of bullying suffered by our client with a view to improving his working environment.

Our client

An architect working at a large practice.

Summary of the situation and the challenge

Our client was being bullied by his manager on a daily basis. The manager would belittle our client in front of his colleagues, aggressively berate him for minor mistakes and intimidate him which made his working life miserable. He enjoyed his job and liked the company but dreaded going into work every day due to the treatment.



  • We assisted our client with reaching the decision to raise a complaint with the company and we submitted a grievance on his behalf setting out the full details and history of the treatment.
  • We supported our client throughout the process and assisted him with preparing for the grievance meeting.
  • Our client wanted to continue to work for the company and therefore we included suggestions of how the company could resolve the situation which included taking disciplinary action against the manager or moving our client to an alternative team.



  • The company investigated the grievance and arranged a grievance meeting with our client.
  • The company upheld parts of his grievance and confirmed that it would take disciplinary action against his manager. Our client felt supported by the company and much more comfortable in his role having raised his grievance.
  • Ultimately the company arranged mediation between our client and his manager to help fix the relationship between them.

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