How We Help Businesses

Protect your business

We can help protect your business by drafting the right contracts, policies and procedures and advising on how best to put them in place. This will enable you to manage your staff effectively, remove them quickly if problems arise and prevent damage to your business when they leave. For more information click here.

High court claims and injunctions

We can assist you in seeking damages for and/or injunctions (court orders) to protect your business from an ex-employee who is competing, poaching staff or customers and/or using confidential information. Click here for an example of how we have helped a client with this situation.

Employment tribunal or other court claims

Your business may be facing an employment claim brought by a member of staff – perhaps an unfair dismissal or a discrimination claim. We can help you manage the steps of the process proactively to reduce the scope of the claim and, if possible, get it struck out in order to settle matters quickly and to reduce the cost and distraction for you and your business.

Managing day to day HR issues

You may be a large employer with a dedicated HR team or a smaller employer with little or no HR support. We can work with you to resolve situations that arise day to day.

We can help you with projects such as redundancy consultation, outsourcing/projects involving TUPE, implementing new incentive schemes and changing terms and conditions of employment. Click here for an example of how we have helped a client with this situation.

Employment protection insurance

We have contacts with a third party insurer which can provide insurance to protect your business from the risk of claims by employees. The cost of the insurance premium depends, amongst other things, on the size of the payroll. It is a condition of taking out the insurance that we carry out an initial review of your policies and procedures and that you follow our advice in handling any claim received.

Matters which relate to specific employees

We can advise on matters which relate to specific employees: perhaps an employee has raised a grievance or is the subject of a disciplinary investigation; an employee may be performing poorly or on long term sick leave; or an employee may have made a flexible working request and you want to ensure this is handled in the correct way. We can help you devise the best solution for your business to tackle matters in a practical and efficient way. Click here for an example of how we have helped a client with this situation.

Employer Training

We provide practical training to line managers and HR on employment law to equip them to understand and manage legal risks confidently. Topics have included managing sickness absence and poor performance, as well as updates on employment law. We can tailor the training to your business. For more information click here.

If you would like support for your business which does not appear on this list, then please call on 0203 008 5718 to discuss your query. We – or one of our trusted business advisers – may well be able to help.

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