How We Help Individuals

Advice on your employment contract or consultancy agreement

We will ensure that any agreement that you are asked to sign on joining a company reflects what has been agreed commercially and make suggestions to improve your position. We can work with you to negotiate the contract, including any restrictions (on competing or poaching customers and staff) to ensure that you have the flexibility to move on with your career when in future you look to leave this current employer.

Advice on a difficult situation that you are facing in the workplace

You may have been placed at risk of redundancy and want to understand your legal rights and what you can expect from any redundancy process. You may wish to make a flexible working request. You may wish to raise a grievance about the behaviour of your employer or a colleague and want to know how to do this most effectively. You may be facing a disciplinary investigation and want some support. Whatever the situation, we can help position you to achieve the outcome that you want most effectively and speedily. This may involve negotiating an exit with compensation. Click here for an example of how we have helped a client with this situation.

Advice when you are thinking of leaving a business

You may wish to leave your current employer and want to understand your options. We can review your employment contract and explain any restrictions on you leaving and going to your next venture. We can also discuss with you the strategy and tactics involved in leaving your current employer. Click here for an example of how we have helped a client with this situation.

Advice on a settlement agreement or an employee shareholder agreement that you have been offered

In both cases, you will need independent legal advice on the agreement and we can help with this. We can help you understand clearly what you are being asked to sign and help you negotiate an improved position. Click here for an example of how we have helped a client with this situation.

Bringing an employment claim

You may be contemplating bringing a claim against your employer for unpaid bonus or discrimination or unfair dismissal. We can devise the best strategy with you for handling the claim and ensure that matters proceed swiftly to trial or are settled in the most proactive and efficient way possible.

Defending high court claims and injunctions

You may be on the receiving end of a claim by a former employer for taking confidential information or for breaching restrictions not to compete and not to poach staff and customers. We can help you to interpret the situation and respond appropriately to requests for undertakings and/or respond to injunction proceedings.

If you would like support which does not appear on this list, then please call on 0203 008 5718 to discuss your query. We – or one of our trusted business advisers – may well be able to help.

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