London Eye
Published: 12th May 2014

As of 6 April ACAS will be offering an early conciliation scheme. It will become mandatory for all claimants to use this from 5 May 2014. As of 5 May claimants seeking to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal will be required to contact ACAS in the first instance, rather than the Tribunal, and […]

Published: 6th April 2014

As of 6 April 2014, the following rates and limits will apply: the compensatory award cap for unfair dismissal claims – the lower of £76,574 (previously £74,200) or a year’s salary maximum weekly pay for statutory redundancy payments – £464 (from £450) weekly rate of statutory sick pay – £87.55 (from £86.70) statutory maternity pay, […]

Published: 12th March 2014

Employers these days tend to be wary of providing detailed references in respect of their former employees and the trend is to limit a reference to the dates the employee was employed and their final role. But what are your obligations if you are providing a reference? The starting point is that you are not […]

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