#Hinesight (‘hine,sait) n, the ability through experience to predict and avoid expensive employment law mistakes. Having a thorough understanding of business and employee needs and a detailed knowledge of employment law. Providing solutions for real positive impact in the workplace. [rare]

About us

Hine Legal’s experience enables us to predict and avoid expensive employment law mistakes. A thorough understanding of employer and employee needs, underpinned by a sound knowledge of employment law, enables us to provide solutions for real, positive impact in the workplace.

Common issues that we assist our clients with include; disciplinary matters and grievance procedures; employment tribunal cases (and, where possible, how to avoid them), providing unfair dismissal advice (including on constructive dismissal claims); giving redundancy advice and ensuring that redundancy rights are adhered to; TUPE advice for employees and employers and dealing with, or avoiding issues relating to discrimination.

You can gain confidence through our experience, understanding of your position and issues, and supportive approach. You will feel comfortable that we fully understand the impact of employment law issues on you or your business. You will be able to act on our realistic, pragmatic and straightforward advice to overcome or avoid workplace legal issues.

The Team